We have the vehicles, people and skills to make your events safe!


Event Cover

AMS Services UK Limited are a CQC registered company.

We can provide cover for your event in the form of people, vehicles and equipment.

The levels of cover offered will be in based upon the Purple Guide where appropriate and based on extensive experience within the industry. 

First Aid Training

We can train your staff in First Aid and beyond.

All training is caiied out by healtcare professionals and all equipment and consumables are included in the price.

Common courses we provide are First Aid At Work (FAAW), FREC3 and FREC4

Contact us to find out more on pricing and availability.

Covid-19 Testing

We are currently carrying out Covid testing for some customers.

This is not test and release testing for the general public.

If your workforce require regular testing, please contact us for more details.

The services we offer are both mobile where necessary or static at your base location.



Fully equiped double crewed emergency road ambulances for attendance at your event or urgent care transfer


Fully equiped and stretcher capable 4 x 4 vehicles for off road medical support.


Run by a Paramedic with more than 30 years of experience in the pre-hospital care & hospital environment.


We offer a friendly, reliable, safe and cost effective service to our clients. Our focus is patient driven and we will aim to get your event running again as quickly as possible without fuss or drama but we will never compromise on patient safety.

When it comes to training, the level of experience of our trainers as practicing clinicians gives an unbeatable learning experience. If you have a question, it can be answered with real world examples.